Basic accounting and Financial Management

Management Association of Nepal (MAN) is going to organize a Training cum Workshop Program on BASIC ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT
BHADRA 19 -25, 2066 (SEPTEMBER 04-10, 2009)
OBJECTIVES of Training
The central focus of this program is to equip the participants with practical concept, tools and techniques of accounting and basic financial management. At the end of the training, participants will be able to:
® understand the importance of preliminary accounting techniques and basic financial management and its real application in practical professional life.
® maintain the financial transactions in books of account properly.
® prepare financial statements and analyze and interpret them as per the requirements of the users/organizations.
® manage the financial section/division.
The training course is primarily intended for the officers and supervisors having the basic knowledge of book keeping, accounting and financial management. However, the personnel working in accounting or related areas of financial transaction and potential account as well as internal auditor and storekeeper having a little or no knowledge of basic accounting and financial management will also be benefited from the course.
1. Basic Accounting Concepts
2. Preparation of Journal Vouchers, posting into the ledgers and Preparation of Trial Balance and other periodical Statements including Bank Reconciliation Statement, Rectification of Accounting Errors (case illustration)
3. Financial Reporting by different types of enterprises, I/NGOs, Government offices : Overview
4. Financial Reporting Standards: Overview
5. Preparation of Financial Statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and explanatory notes (Case illustration)
6. Treatment of Extra-ordinary items, Fundamental Errors, changes in accounting estimate, changes in accounting policy
7. Inventory Accounting
8. Recording of FOREX Transaction, treatment of borrowing costs
9. Knowledge on Working Capital Management
10. Income Tax Practices: Income from Employment, Business, Tax Deduction at source, Tax file return (case Illustration)
11. Introduction of VAT: applicability, exemption, issuance of tax invoice, accounting and file returnNote: for the purpose of Case illustration, industry/entity relating to sector of economy shall be representative of the most of participant attending the training program.
The program will be commenced from the date of Bhadra 19 -25, 2066 (September 04-10, 2009). The entire training course will be covered in 7 days consisting of 3 sessions a day and each session will be for one and half hours, starting...

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2005-05-31 16:56:33 by nani7

By Brigham (sorry can't remember his first name). It's a college text that I used in my MBA program. It's pricey, so get an older edition. It's a good reference guide for basic financial calculations. You should also get an accounting textbook for basic definitions and calculations. These two really go hand in hand.

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