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Telling them the truth may ruin the friendship

2011-11-20 13:25:27 by -

Has anyone tried to get you to some get rich quick type of seminars/institutes/training sessions?
An acquaintance gave me a CD with motivational /basic financial management advice a few months ago and claimed it was a "gift". I put it aside and only recently listened to it. What I liked is that it did motivate me to want to learn more and think more critically how I was spending my money.
The acquaintance recently they told me they attended the "institute's" free workshop (it was advertised in the media) and decided to buy a ticket to their next multi day intensive workshop

Thinking about a divorce = Some questions

2007-03-27 14:44:24 by anguished_in_ny

My husband is emotionally abusive. He has serious anger management issues and has trouble with the line between normal and mean. So after nearly 10 years of marriage, I'm a bit fed up.
The 10 years we have been together, he has found one reason or another reason to not have a job despite the fact that he was doing quiet well when we met.
Due to anger issues, he got fired and was out of work for over a year while I supported him. His excuse was that there were no bites on his resume.
Thereafter, he had a great job, in which he milked (in my opinion). He then decided to join the Army and give it all up

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