Basic Financial Management Training

financial management training koronadalMore than 70 Moro women from Koronadal Province underwent Basic Financial Management Training held at the Community Learning Center in Barangay Koronadal Proper in Polomolok, South Cotabato on May 24, 2013.

The all-women participants came from the municipalities of Tantangan, Marbel, Tupi and Polomolok which forms Koronadal Province in the MILF’s description of areas.

“The training was aimed to equip our Moro women with basic skills in handling financial transactions of their respective organizations, ” Mandao Wali, Jr. Regional Finance Officer of Bangsamoro Development Agency-Southern Mindanao Regional Office (BDA-SouthMin).

Wali disclosed it was first time for most of the participants to attend such training. The facilitator employed lecture-workshop process in the activity. The learners were given chance to directly ask the facilitator during the sessions.

Topics of the training included financial management, disbursement guidelines, recording data and maintaining cashbook.

The participants expressed gratitude to BDA for providing them the financial management skills which they can use in the operation of their organization.

Ustadza Guiaria Enged, one the Moro women leaders present looked forward for more capability-building trainings for their officers and members.

Mandao offered BDA SouthMin’s technical assistance in other organizational management training which includes skills in facilitating meetings, basic documentation, data gathering and basic news writing.

The women trainees were all involved on the social concerns of Moro communities that includes education of the communities on health and sanitation. The committee further oversees the concerns of the widows, elderly and children especially during the time of conflict.

The BDA is an agency created in 2002 as agreed upon by the MILF and the Philippine Government during the peace process. It is tasked to identify, lead and manage development and rehabilitation initiatives to conflict affected areas in Mindanao. /

Which of these college programs

2005-11-11 10:01:59 by ---

From a 2 year institution will help me land a job? I just took this listing from a local community college and took out what did not interest me or seemed useless.
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2010-10-21 11:52:07 by wtf-CL

Comes to project management and business processes.
i am an admin and have been nominated for a committee in my organization that discusses various issues in programs and how to make things better in the organization. sounds good right? well some of the things include project management (of which i know nothing), and our financial reporting software (which just confuses the hell out of me). i've even went through a very basic training on our finance software when we started using it, and i still don't get it :(
i guess i'm just a little nervous about this now

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