Fundamentals of Financial Management

Fundamentals of Financial Management, Concise Edition (with Thomson ONE - Business School Edition)List Price: $206.95

  • Aplia for Finance: This fastest-growing online pedagogical tool for finance saves you time and helps your students perform better with a trusted homework solution that includes text-correlated real-time interactive tutorials, online experiments, news analyses, and auto-graded problem sets. It is simple to ensure your students are consistently well prepared for class with this leading online system.
  • Author-written supplement support: You find the same level of accuracy and precision crafting that has made this text a leader throughout all of this edition’s supplements. Prepared by the text authors to ensure consistency, this seamless and integrated package includes a sizeable, revised test bank, particularly useful for professors with large course enrollments.
  • Unique balance of theory and practice: A hallmark strength of this leading finance text, Brigham and Houston clearly introduce important financial theories using a unique, practically focused presentation.Fundamentals of Financial Management, Concise Edition (with Thomson ONE - Business School Edition) Students see how theories and trends are applied through proven learning features, a wealth of real-world examples, practical problem sets, and integrated mini-cases.
  • Professional power of Thomson One–Business School Edition: Bring concepts to life as students use Thomson ONE–BSE online database to complete basic financial research and analysis using the same tool that professional brokers and analysts use every day to access leading financial data sources. Students use Thomson ONE–BSE to complete special end-of-chapter problems in the text.
  • Integrated Spreadsheet Models: More than just Excel® templates, these integrated Spreadsheet Models accompany each chapter (except Ch. 1) and assist students in developing effective techniques for financial problem solving. Spreadsheet Models also serve as tutorials that demonstrate how to maximize Excel® as a powerful finance tool.

Hmm, it it correct that

2007-01-07 14:12:25 by clueless-girl

Learning the second thing (ecomony as a whole) would not make much sense if I don't learn the first thing (how to manage money) first?
How about this class description, what do you think (is this also too general, or about right?):
Fundamentals of Finance
X412.5 (2 semester units in Business Administration)
This course provides a broad, practical overview of financial management for students without any previous knowledge of finance or accounting. The course is required for students seeking the UC Berkeley Extension Certificate in Business Administration and is recommended for anyone interested in the practical application of financial tools and techniques to business decisions

I am going to be a smarty pants after that!!

2010-06-20 22:57:20 by GhOsTiNi

Financial Accounting
Business Ethics
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Server Side Web Development I, II
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