What is Financial Management system?

Mr. Gaurav Pal, CEO, IntelivistoFinancial management is a very important skill for an individual to possess but the situation in India is rather grim. Only 5% of the Indians aged 19-24 formally learn to trade.

Financial markets have made significant progress over the last decade which spans several dimensions of development such as accessibility, regulatory framework, market infrastructure, transparency, liquidity and the types of instruments available. This has created requirement to train and educate the local work force on some of the global systems, regulations and process.

To address this market, we have Intelivisto, a knowledge management company that provides e-learning solutions supported by online exam preparations blended with classroom experience. It has a specific focus on the financial sector and test preparation segment in India.

The Team

Gaurav Pal is Managing Director and CEO of Intelivisto Consulting India Private Limited. He has trained thousands of people in India and abroad on concepts in Financial markets domain and has been associated with NCDEX to train brokerage companies in India on their behalf. Chetan Gandhi brings more than 17 years of experience in International and Indian Markets in Legal, Secretarial, Compliance, Arbitration, Training and Personnel functions in diverse industry segments including Financial by working as a Legal & Arbitration Officer at NSDL, Company Secretary at Edelweiss Capital and as Company Secretary & Head of Legal at Barclays Wealth India. Mohit Bansal brings with him experience in trading exotic financial instruments including fixed income derivatives, commodity derivatives, currency derivatives.intelivisto-1 He has been actively trading on some of the largest exchanges globally like CME, CBOT, LIFFE, LME, NSE MCX for last 7 years.

What Intelivisto caters to

A “Learning Management System” that allows effective administration, tracking and reporting of e-learning programs, online events and training content. This is complemented by virtual classroom module enabling users to participate in the classes online. A peer learning platform called “Together we Learn-Together we Grow”, that lets the students leverage the knowledge of fellow members and use the preparation time more effectively. Also, as on most online platforms, there are online study groups and Q&A Open forums.

What is really sad in America

2012-11-24 09:33:14 by innocephorous

Is that we use business failure for political grist in the polarized mill of management versus labor. The underlying culprit is actually much deeper than either of those inept and self-serving groups...it is the fact that we have, as a country:
1. Structured our capital markets such that long-term decision making is absent. This is due to the SEC reporting rules as well as a financial industry bent on pump-n-dump for quarterly earnings.
2. Structured our tax system to reward financial gamesmanship via accounting and law, rather than rewarding profit and strategic decisions

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