CAIIB Banking Financial Management Workbook

Bank Financial Management is the right guide for banking professionals who are planning on learning more about key areas in the field like Balance Sheet Management and Risk Management.

Bank Financial Management, a book that was published in the year 2010, covers all the key areas of banking through its four modules: International Banking, Treasury Management, Risk Management, and Balance Sheet Management. The book elaborates on these topics in independent modules, so that readers can easily understand each concept individually.

One of the modules in the book talks about Risk Management entirely. The topics covered in this module are Risk Regulations in Banking Industry, Risks in Banking Business, Risk and Basic Risk Management Framework, Credit Risk, Market Risk, and Integrated Risk Management.

International Banking has become a prime area of focus, thanks to the increasing number of international transactions and investments. This book introduces readers to the world of International Banking, and also provides information on topics like Basics of Forex Derivatives, Exchange Rates and Forex Business, Role of ECGC, FEDAI and FEMA, and Correspondent Banking and NRI Accounts.

Treasury Management, Asset Liability Management (ALM), Treasury Products, Risk Management in Treasury Funding, Regulations, and Derivative Products are some of the topics that are discussed in the Treasury Management module.
In the Balance Sheet Management module, the main topics covered are Banking Regulation and Capital, Asset Classification and Provisioning Norms, Components of Assets and Liabilities in Bank’s Balance Sheet and Their Management, RAROC and Profit Planning, Interest Rate Risk Management, Capital Adequacy, Market Discipline, and Liquidity Management.

What is really sad in America

2012-11-24 09:33:14 by innocephorous

Is that we use business failure for political grist in the polarized mill of management versus labor. The underlying culprit is actually much deeper than either of those inept and self-serving is the fact that we have, as a country:
1. Structured our capital markets such that long-term decision making is absent. This is due to the SEC reporting rules as well as a financial industry bent on pump-n-dump for quarterly earnings.
2. Structured our tax system to reward financial gamesmanship via accounting and law, rather than rewarding profit and strategic decisions

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