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Is your ambition to have a future career working with both finance and strategic decision-making? Do you want to master the techniques, models and theories that are associated with these fields? Do you hold an undergraduate degree in business with a major in finance including financial accounting? Are you motivated, appreciate a tough workload including weekly assignments in calculation, statistics and analysing quantitative data? In that case, this programme is for you.

The target audience of the programme consists of students who are aiming for a career in corporate management, for example, as general managers or management consultants, in financial advisory, for example, as financial analysts or investment bankers, or in controlling, treasury, or other financial management functions.

Whether working in financial management or financial advisory, senior management or management consulting, understanding how to analyse corporate performance, firm value, and credit worthiness and the impact of strategic decisions and corporate restructurings on these are valuable. Equally valuable is knowledge of how to finance and manage the risk of ventures, be they start-ups or incumbent firms, and of how to design control and incentive systems.

Corporate finance is a place where business strategy, process and information combine. The programme provides techniques and models to assist in financial and strategic decision-making and the insight to determine whether these decisions make sense in a strategic competitive context. Corporate executives are often confronted with issues that have important financial consequences for their enterprises. Similarly, finance executives often make decisions with important strategic consequences. The importance of being well-versed in finance and management is particularly apparent in corporate advisory positions, such as in management consulting or investment banking.

When you apply for this programme, you must also submit a Statement of Purpose in your application package,

Career prospects

The programme prepars you for a professional career in corporate management, financial management, manage­ment consulting, financial analysis and/or investment bank­ing or in corporate finance functions in non-financial firms, as well as for doctoral studies in business administration. Graduates have found work at companies including Maersk, Nordea Corporate Finance and Orkla.

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What is really sad in America

2012-11-24 09:33:14 by innocephorous

Is that we use business failure for political grist in the polarized mill of management versus labor. The underlying culprit is actually much deeper than either of those inept and self-serving is the fact that we have, as a country:
1. Structured our capital markets such that long-term decision making is absent. This is due to the SEC reporting rules as well as a financial industry bent on pump-n-dump for quarterly earnings.
2. Structured our tax system to reward financial gamesmanship via accounting and law, rather than rewarding profit and strategic decisions

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