Corporate Finance or Financial Management UOL

Many students had benefitted from my teaching and had referred their friends to me. UOL modules are not easy. If you need help, do SMS me at 9758-7925 for tuition.

I offer both one-to-one and group tuition. For group tuition, the optimal number of students per class is between 4 to 6. Please form your own group because this will facilitate my teaching methodology.

Teaching Methodology:

1. Understanding concepts and application of concept to questions
2. Developing graphing skills
3. Identifying exam trends and skills (Questions spotting)
4. Practising varierty of questions to prepare you for your exam
5. Simplifying difficult concepts
6. Identifying and improving your weakness

Do contact me at 9758-7925 or email [email protected] or [email protected] for tuition.

Student's Profile:

Tertiary Student -
**Poly / JC (NYP, RP, SP, TP, NP, MDIS, Informatics, SIM, SAS, ACSI)
**University (NTU, NUS, SMU, Imperial College, London School of Economics, University of Durham, Uni SIM, UOL, RMIT, SAS, MDIS, University of Southern Australia, James Cook University, University of Newcastle, London School of Economics, Manchester Business School, University of Nottingham, Melbourne Business School)
**Master (Insead, Singapore Management University, NTU, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Manchester, Uni of Southern Australia, Uni of Buffalo, Uni of Adelaide, NUS, University of State of New York)
Working Adults - Managers, Deputy Directors, Managing Directors, Doctors, Divisional Directors, Auditors, Analyst, Credit Advisor, AVP

Tutor's Profile:

Name - Valerie Chai Hui Yee
O Level - 8 Distinctions for O'Level
Diploma - Singapore Polytechnic: Merit Diploma, Honours Roll, SIM Award, Singapore Polytechnic and School of Business Scholar
Degree - Nanyang Business School NTU: First Class Honours, Dean List, C.H. Wee Gold Medal, Sumitomo Banking Corporation Scholar
Post Graduate - Certified Financial Analyst: CFA L1
Experience - 10 years tutoring, 3 years Tutor Training (Training up other tutors to teach)
Status - Full time
UOL Modules that are taught by Us:
1. Introduction to Economics
2. Principles of Banking & Finance
3. Corporate Finance
4. Financial Management
5. Principles of Accounts
6. Statistics 1
7. Statistics 2
8. Maths 1
9. Maths 2
10. Elements of Econometrics
Zondervan Zondervan 2014 Church and Nonprofit Tax and Financial Guide: For 2013 Tax Returns (Zondervan Church and Nonprofit Tax Financial Guide)
Book (Zondervan)

What is really sad in America

2012-11-24 09:33:14 by innocephorous

Is that we use business failure for political grist in the polarized mill of management versus labor. The underlying culprit is actually much deeper than either of those inept and self-serving is the fact that we have, as a country:
1. Structured our capital markets such that long-term decision making is absent. This is due to the SEC reporting rules as well as a financial industry bent on pump-n-dump for quarterly earnings.
2. Structured our tax system to reward financial gamesmanship via accounting and law, rather than rewarding profit and strategic decisions

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