Corporate Financial Management 5th Edition

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Explore how finance theory works in practice with Corporate Financial Management, 5th edition. Find out how financial decisions are made within a firm, how projects are appraised to make investment decisions, how to evaluate risk and return, where to raise finance from and how, ultimately, to create value. This pack is comprised of a copy of Corporate Financial Management 5/Eand an access card with code which will enable students and instructors to take advantage of the extra support available in MyFinanceLab. Visit to learn more.

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What is really sad in America

2012-11-24 09:33:14 by innocephorous

Is that we use business failure for political grist in the polarized mill of management versus labor. The underlying culprit is actually much deeper than either of those inept and self-serving is the fact that we have, as a country:
1. Structured our capital markets such that long-term decision making is absent. This is due to the SEC reporting rules as well as a financial industry bent on pump-n-dump for quarterly earnings.
2. Structured our tax system to reward financial gamesmanship via accounting and law, rather than rewarding profit and strategic decisions

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