Corporate Financial Management Arnold 4th Edition

This valuepack consists of Corporate Financial Management, 4/e by Arnold
(ISBN: 417) plus MFL

  • Practical Orientation
  • Accessible style and comprehensive coverage
  • Extensive real-world examples from the Financial Times

Take a look below to see what’s new:

  • New sections on corporate governance, private equity, and hedge funds in chapter 1
  • Recent European stock exchange alliances in chapter 9
  • Contemporary evidence of stock market inefficiency in chapter 14
  • NewFinancial Times articles in every chapter illustrate how theory is being used by practitioners on a daily basis.
  • Statistics, figures, charts and tables are carefully updated to reflect the latest data, ranging from the number of corporate mergers to the default rates on corporate bonds.

1. The Financial World

2. Project Appraisal: Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return
3. Project Appraisal: Cash Flow and Applications
4. The Decision-making Process for Investment Appraisal
5. Project Appraisal: Capital Rationing, Taxation and Inflation

6. Risk and Project Appraisal
7. Portfolio Theory
8. The Capital Asset Pricing Model and Multi-Factor Models

9. Stock Markets
10. Raising Equity Capital
11. Long-term Debt Finance
12. Short-term and Medium-term Finance
13. Treasury and Working Capital Management
14. Stock Market Efficiency

15. Value Management
16. The Pervasiveness of Value Principles
17. Value Creation Metrics
18. Entire Firm Value Measurement
19. The Cost of Capital
20. Valuing Shares
21. Capital Structure
22. Dividend Policy
23. Mergers

24. Derivatives
25. Managing Exchange-Rate Risk

The distinctive choice for uncovering Corporate Finance

Go undercover and explore how finance theory works in practice with Corporate Financial Management, fourth edition. Find out how financial decisions are made within a firm, how projects are appraised to make investment decisions, how to evaluate risk and return, where to raise finance from, and how, ultimately, to create value.

Firmly established as the market-leading European textbook in Corporate Finance, used by over xxx students and consistently rated in the top 10 of Amazon’s best selling corporate Finance and MBA textbooks, this new edition of Glen Arnold’s Corporate Finanancial Management retains and builds on its key strengths of:

· Practical orientation

· Accessible style and comprehensive coverage

· Extensive real–world examples from the Financial Times

· New sections on corporate governance, private equity, and hedge funds in chapter 1

HR Questions

2008-06-16 10:25:00 by jlm1009

I am an HR manager so here are your answers
1. I got started in the job because I wanted something different from what I was doing and I wanted to have a say in the type of employees we hired and how they were treated as employees. Also I wanted to be involved in the strategic part of the business.
2. I have an MBA
3. Currently advising corporate on staffing and benefits.
4. Staffing and retention
5. Some psychology background, a broad understanding of business practices and a sincere desire to help people succeed at all levels

The Enron Effect

2002-02-17 15:41:01 by AlanGreenspan

HERE WAS FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD chairman Alan Greenspan, renowned for rectitude, accepting the Enron Award for Distinguished Public Service. This wasn’t during Enron’s glory days, when the company had a stock-market value in the tens of billions, but on Nov. 13. That was only a few days after Enron endured a public disgrace by admitting that it had filed five years’ worth of misleading financial reports. And it was three weeks after Greenspan had gotten a call from Enron chairman Kenneth Lay, who desperately wanted Greenspan to intervene with credit-rating agencies to help the stricken company survive
The ceremony had its awkward moments

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