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“Comprehensive and well written, making a challenging subject easy to read and understand.”

Ben Ukaegbu, London Metropolitan University, Business School

“The case studies are excellent, relevant and bring the theories to life.”

Rob Jones, Newcastle University Business School

Corporate Financial Management offers an extremely readable and comprehensive survey of the theory and practice of corporate finance. It progresses from a general overview of the financial world, moving through investment appraisal, risk and return, and sources of finance, to a unique treatment of corporate value. The final part introduces risk management, focusing on derivatives and exchange-rate risk. Theory and practice are closely integrated throughout the text, reflecting the extent to which real-world practice has been profoundly shaped by financial theory.

The book is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of business studies, finance, accounting, economics, and banking.

This best-selling text explores how finance theory works in practice, teaching you how to make informed, successful financial decisions that are crucial for a career in business.

Key features

· Financial techniques are illustrated in practical terms, using clear accessible language.

· New Financial Times articles help you see the relevance of the theory to the real-word

· Finance is presented as a dynamic, inter-disciplinary subject that is open to theoretical re-evaluation

· Worked examples and easy-to-follow mathematical explanations

· The latest statistics and data ranging from the number of corporate mergers to the default rates on corporate bonds

· Extensive range of examples, case studies and recommended websites

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MyFinanceLab is an optional online resource that maps directly to Corporate Financial Management. With questions designed to test and build your understanding, MyFinanceLab provides instant feedback and a personalized approach to mastering key finance concepts, as well as:

· A study plan designed just for you

· Worked solutions showing how to solve difficult problems

· Limitless opportunities to practice

· An eText for quick reference

· FT articles to help keep you up to date and observe the regular use in business of the concepts discussed in the book

· A ‘finance in the news’ blog, with accompanying podcasts

Glen Arnold runs an investment fund and previously held positions as professor of finance and professor of investing. In addition to the textbook Modern Financial Markets and Institutions he has authored leading investment books including The Financial Times Guide to Investment, Great Investors and The Financial Times Guide to Value Investing.

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This product is the book alone, and does NOT come with access to MyFinanceLab.

This title can be supported by MyFinanceLab, an online homework and tutorial system which can be used by students for self-directed study or fully integrated into an instructor's course.

HR Questions

2008-06-16 10:25:00 by jlm1009

I am an HR manager so here are your answers
1. I got started in the job because I wanted something different from what I was doing and I wanted to have a say in the type of employees we hired and how they were treated as employees. Also I wanted to be involved in the strategic part of the business.
2. I have an MBA
3. Currently advising corporate on staffing and benefits.
4. Staffing and retention
5. Some psychology background, a broad understanding of business practices and a sincere desire to help people succeed at all levels

The Enron Effect

2002-02-17 15:41:01 by AlanGreenspan

HERE WAS FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD chairman Alan Greenspan, renowned for rectitude, accepting the Enron Award for Distinguished Public Service. This wasn’t during Enron’s glory days, when the company had a stock-market value in the tens of billions, but on Nov. 13. That was only a few days after Enron endured a public disgrace by admitting that it had filed five years’ worth of misleading financial reports. And it was three weeks after Greenspan had gotten a call from Enron chairman Kenneth Lay, who desperately wanted Greenspan to intervene with credit-rating agencies to help the stricken company survive
The ceremony had its awkward moments

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Corporate Financial Management eBook

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