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NZIM Diploma in Project Management Assignments

As an NZIM Diploma in Project Management (DPM) student, during the programme you are required to submit the following four assignments based on an actual project that you undertake outside the four two-day periods of classroom tuition:

  1. Assignment One. To prepare a Project Charter, which is a written contract that sets out the project purpose, goal, parameters and other factors that once approved authorises the project manager to then plan the project execution in detail. To be submitted at the start of Module Two.
  2. Assignment Two. To prepare a Project Plan that details how the project is to be undertaken, showing responsibilities, budgets, schedules, risk management measures and other information needed to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the project. To be submitted at the start of Module Three.
  3. Assignment Three.oooo To maintain a dossier of project execution documentation, which includes progress reports, registers for changes, accidents, risks and issues, minutes of meetings, relevant email traffic etc. To be submitted together with Assignment Four within one month following Module Four.
  4. Assignment Four. To prepare a comprehensive Post-project Report that objectively assesses project performance, documents lessons’ learned, and makes recommendations as appropriate. To be submitted together with Assignment Three within one month following Module Four.

Students often ask how long these assignment documents need be. Of course there is no definitive length, other than to say the assignments need to be of sufficient length to properly achieve their purpose. However, conciseness is appreciated, but not at the expense of clarity or completeness. Excluding cover, contents, amendment record pages and attachments, a Project Charter might achieve its purpose in no more than say six pages (A4 with size 12 font), a Project Plan about 20 pages, the record of project execution material could be contained in a large ring-binder folder, and a Post-project Report would not usually exceed 10 pages. To fulfil the Assignment Three requirement, copies of relevant documentation is best accumulated chronologically in a physical or electronic folder as the project proceeds. For these assignments if you are in doubt, it is usually better to include more material than not enough, and generally for assignment purposes do not refer to documents unless they are attached. All assignments may be submitted electronically as a pdf document or in hard copy.

Selecting a Project

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HR Questions

2008-06-16 10:25:00 by jlm1009

I am an HR manager so here are your answers
1. I got started in the job because I wanted something different from what I was doing and I wanted to have a say in the type of employees we hired and how they were treated as employees. Also I wanted to be involved in the strategic part of the business.
2. I have an MBA
3. Currently advising corporate on staffing and benefits.
4. Staffing and retention
5. Some psychology background, a broad understanding of business practices and a sincere desire to help people succeed at all levels

The Enron Effect

2002-02-17 15:41:01 by AlanGreenspan

HERE WAS FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD chairman Alan Greenspan, renowned for rectitude, accepting the Enron Award for Distinguished Public Service. This wasn’t during Enron’s glory days, when the company had a stock-market value in the tens of billions, but on Nov. 13. That was only a few days after Enron endured a public disgrace by admitting that it had filed five years’ worth of misleading financial reports. And it was three weeks after Greenspan had gotten a call from Enron chairman Kenneth Lay, who desperately wanted Greenspan to intervene with credit-rating agencies to help the stricken company survive
The ceremony had its awkward moments

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