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We are working with CRISTEL USA in their search fo an Operations Manager to be based in Atlanta, GA. CRISTEL makes the world’s finest cookware, flat out.

Featuring interchangeable handles, Cristel cookware allows fanatical fans (like my wife!) to fry on the stove top, cook in the oven and serve guests all in the same pan. The pans are stackable and the lids are flat for easy storage. Check it out …

A history of Excellence

In 1826, the plant in Fesches-le-Châtel in Franche-Comté in France was built by the industrial group Japy for the purpose of manufacturing household utensils made of beaten iron as well as cooking utensils. And it was on this site steeped in history that the very first French beaten tinplate saucepan was made in 1849. CRISTEL therefore rose from Japy’s ashes in 1983.

Nearly one century later, in 1987, under the management of the Dodane family, Cristel launched its “Cook & Serve” concept, a collection of top-of-the-range frying pans and saucepans with removable handles, an original concept designed by Paul Dodane.

CRISTEL is now a brand acknowledged throughout the International culinary world, and the reference thanks to its clever balance between quality, functionality and aesthetics.

Beauty and Greatness go hand in hand

CRISTEL is a family company constantly investing to develop its industrial facilities. This association between intelligence, human know-how and the high performance of its machines is a tremendous guarantee of quality, each article being hand-tooled prior to being subjected to stringent controls.

CRISTEL’s success has extended far beyond its borders. Its clever combination of quality and concept, design and functionality, and know-how and excellence appeals to the most exacting international markets.

Thanks to its innovative policy and high quality standards CRISTEL has become a reference in the Art of Living from Tokyo to Sao Paulo, Hong Kong to London and from Saint Barthelemy to Taipei, where CRISTEL’s qualities delight in complementing the flavors of the world.

HR Questions

2008-06-16 10:25:00 by jlm1009

I am an HR manager so here are your answers
1. I got started in the job because I wanted something different from what I was doing and I wanted to have a say in the type of employees we hired and how they were treated as employees. Also I wanted to be involved in the strategic part of the business.
2. I have an MBA
3. Currently advising corporate on staffing and benefits.
4. Staffing and retention
5. Some psychology background, a broad understanding of business practices and a sincere desire to help people succeed at all levels

The Enron Effect

2002-02-17 15:41:01 by AlanGreenspan

HERE WAS FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD chairman Alan Greenspan, renowned for rectitude, accepting the Enron Award for Distinguished Public Service. This wasn’t during Enron’s glory days, when the company had a stock-market value in the tens of billions, but on Nov. 13. That was only a few days after Enron endured a public disgrace by admitting that it had filed five years’ worth of misleading financial reports. And it was three weeks after Greenspan had gotten a call from Enron chairman Kenneth Lay, who desperately wanted Greenspan to intervene with credit-rating agencies to help the stricken company survive
The ceremony had its awkward moments

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