Corporate Financial Management Job Description

Financial managerFinancial managers essential career information:

  • 2012 median pay: $109, 740
  • 2012, number of jobs: 484, 910
  • Employment growth forecast, 2010-2020: 9 percent
  • Entry level education requirements: Bachelor’s degree

Financial managers; what they do:

If helping an organization achieve its financial goals and assisting them in building a business or institution that makes a difference, then a financial planning manager career may be in your future. Financial managers coordinate financial plans and strategies to help direct and maintain the overall health of a specific company or organization.

A typical day for a financial services manager consists of preparing financial reports and projections, overseeing any legal financial issues, devising ways to reduce expenses and maximize profits and analyzing financial reports and data.

A financial management career involves supervising employees and assisting management in decisions. A financial management career also involves reviewing any expansion or acquisition opportunities.

Financial management careers typically involve working in teams and performing duties specific to an industry. Financial managers working in the lending business learn lending processes and criteria as well as lending laws and regulations. Financial managers work in many different areas of management such as consumer loans, credit departments, insurance and risk analysis.
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Financial manager job titles:

  • Consumer Loan Manager
  • IT Financial Manager
  • Healthcare Financial Manager
  • Collections Vice-President
  • Lending Manager
  • Loan Systems Director
  • Service Center Manager
  • Financial Services Manager

Financial Managers Education, Certification and License Requirements

lending managersTypically people seeking a financial manager career need a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business administration or accounting and at least five years experience in financial areas such as accounting or financial analyst. However, employers increasingly seek candidates with a master’s degree in finance, business administration or economics, as well as a deeper knowledge in areas such as financial analysis.

Though not necessary, financial managers may attain a Chartered Financial Analyst certification (CFA) certification through the CFA Institute. In order to receive the CFA certification, financial managers must have a bachelor’s degree, four years of relevant employment experience, and pass three exams.

The Association for Financial Professionals provides investment professionals certification through the Association for Financial Professionals as long as they pass a computer-based exam and have two years of work experience.

Financial manager programs cover subjects such as:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Marketing
  • Corporate finance
  • Organizational behavior
  • Financial accounting
  • Investments

Career Advancement Opportunities

With hard work, dedication and extensive experience in day-to-day business operations within their respective departments, financial managers advance in their career to a higher management position or begin their own consulting firm.

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Job Description
Handles a wide variety of administrative and business activities with discretion for a biotech startup company. Tasks include document filing and management, invoice payments, scheduling meetings, administrating or coordinating HR or IT related activities, as well as other administrative matters as needed. Must be a fast learner and demonstrates the ability to work independently with minimum supervision. Conducts herself/himself with the highest degree of professionalism and interpersonal effectiveness. This is a full-time or 3-day a week position (depending on skills), reporting to the CEO

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Greenwich, CT: Chief of Staff to CEO, $250k
Posted by: "
Fri Jun 30, 2006 2:26 pm (PST)
To apply, please email resume to: david@
Salary is $250,000.
Executive Administrator / CEO¡¦s Personal Chief of Staff
This broad-based position encompasses both active management and
oversight of all aspects of the CEO¡¦s personal activities.
Responsibilities include:
„X Executive right hand to CEO in all personal matters.
„X Directly responsible for:
o Overseeing the day-to-day¡ activities of estate managers,
executive administrative staff, and airplane crew to ensure seamless
operations of all activities

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