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If you’re studying finance as a non-specialist, Essentials of Corporate Financial Management will take you through core topics step by step, whilst showing you how the theory applies in practice, enabling you to make effective financial decisions in your own business career.

· Financial Times articles are used throughout to highlight the subject’s real-world relevance, illustrating the significance of the core material and helping you to understand the financial press.

· Up-to-date case studies feature leading UK and European companies coping with financial issues.

· Mathematical concepts are introduced in a simple, and easy-to-follow style.

MyFinanceLab is ‘like a personal tutor laying the path toward your learning finance’ (student studying finance, Stockholm School of Economics).

MyFinanceLab is an online tutorial and assessment solution that maps directly to Essentials of Corporate Financial Management. With questions designed to test and build your understanding, MyFinanceLab provides instant feedback and a personalised approach to mastering key finance concepts, as well as:

· A study plan designed just for you.

· Worked solutions showing how to solve difficult problems.

· Limitless opportunities to practise.

· An eText for quick reference.

Essentials of Corporate Financial Management covers the core topics of finance for undergraduate students studying finance as part of a business related degree, MBA students and others studying finance at business schools. It also provides the foundation elements needed by students going on to study more advanced finance.

Glen Arnold runs an investment fund and has previously held positions as professor of finance and professor of investing. In addition to the textbook Modern Financial Markets and Institutions he has authored bestselling investment books for financial professionals including The Financial Times Guide to Investing, The Great Investors and The Financial Times Guide to Value Investing.

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This product is the book alone, and does NOT come with access to MyFinanceLab.

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Off-balance-sheet land is where death spirals lurk

2002-02-10 12:38:37 by hidethedebt

Enron's crash has shown that very scary liabilities can hide in a set of books.
pay no attention to those liabilities behind the curtain.
That is the message corporate America has sent to investors in recent years as executives have shunted billions of dollars in new and existing financial obligations off their books and into the nether world known as 'off the balance sheet'.
When the stockmarket roared, investors were only too happy to believe that what they didn't know about their company's true financial picture couldn't hurt them. But now, in a crestfallen market reverberating with shock waves from the Enron collapse, shareholders are realising that just because an obligation is absent from a company's balance sheet does not mean that it can't come back to bite them

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