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Financial Institutions Management: A Risk Management Approach: Part I IntroductionCh. 1 Why Are Financial Institutions Special?Appendix 1A The Financial Crisis: The Failure of Financial Services Institution Specialness (online)Appendix 1B Monetary Policy Tools (online)Ch. 2 Financial Services: Depository InstitutionsAppendix 2A Financial Statement Analysis Using a Return on Equity (ROE) Framework (online)Appendix 2B Commercial Banks’ Financial Statements and Analysis (online)Appendix 2C Depository Institutions and Their Regulators (online)Appendix 2D Technology in Commercial Banking (online)Ch. 3 Financial Services: Finance Companies Ch. 4 Financial Services: Securities Brokerage and Investment BankingCh. 5 Financial Services: Mutual Funds and Hedge FundsCh. 6 Financial Services: InsuranceCh. 7 Risks of Financial Institutions Part II Measuring RiskCh. 8 Interest Rate Risk IAppendix 8A The Maturity Model (online)Appendix 8B Term Structure of Interest RatesCh. 9 Interest Rate Risk IIAppendix 9A The Basics of Bond Valuation (online)Appendix 9B Incorporating Convexity into the Duration ModelCh. 10 Credit Risk: Individual Loan RiskAppendix 10A Credit Analysis (online)Appendix 10B Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model (online)Ch. 11 Credit Risk: Loan Portfolio and Concentration RiskAppendix 11A CreditMetricsAppendix 11B CreditRisk+Ch. 12 Liquidity RiskAppendix 12A Sources and Uses of Funds Statement, Bank of America, March 2012 (online)Ch. 13 Foreign Exchange RiskCh. 14 Sovereign RiskAppendix 14A Mechanisms for Dealing with Sovereign Risk ExposureCh. 15 Market RiskCh. 16 Off-Balance-Sheet RiskAppendix 16A A Letter of Credit Transaction (online)Ch. 17 Technology and Other Operational RisksPart III Managing RiskCh. 18 Liability and Liquidity ManagementAppendix 18A Federal Reserve Requirement Accounting (online)Appendix 18B Bankers Acceptances and Commercial Paper as Sources of Financing (online)Ch. 19 Deposit Insurance and Other Liability GuaranteesAppendix 19A Calculation of Deposit Insurance PremiumsAppendix 19B FDIC Press Releases of Bank Failures (online)Appendix 19C Deposit Insurance Coverage for Commercial Banks in Various Countries (online)Ch. 20 Capital AdequacyAppendix 20A Internal Ratings-Based Approach to Measuring Credit Risk-Adjusted AssetsAppendix 20B Methodology Used to Determine G-SIBs Capital Surcharge (online)Ch. 21 Product and Geographic ExpansionAppendix 21A EU and G-10 Countries: Regulatory Treatment of the Mixing of Banking, Securities, and Insurance Activities and the Mixing of Banking and Commerce (online)Ch. 22 Futures and ForwardsAppendix 22A Microhedging with Futures (online)Ch. 23 Options, Caps, Floors, and CollarsAppendix 23A Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model (online)Appendix 23B Microhedging with Options (online)Ch. 24 SwapsAppendix 24A Setting Rates on an Interest Rate SwapCh. 25 Loan SalesCh. 26 SecuritizationAppendix 26A Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Balance Sheets (online)

Accountants can't make money, but these guys do

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About a year ago, I had a post about “excessive pay” for the unionized stagehands at Carnegie Hall, some of whom made more during the 2007-2008 season by pushing the 9-foot Steinway Model D concert grand piano out onto the stage for a concert than the artist makes for playing the piano. Financial data about many nonprofit organizations, including salary data for the “highest paid employees and their compensation,” are available at the website GuideStar. Here’s the link to The Carnegie Hall Corporation listing at GuideStar.
For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, the top five highest paid Carnegie employees were all stagehands making an average of $359,000 in base compensation (see chart above)

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