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Search Entry Level Finance Jobs In Ma : Offshore Jobs – Effortless Requirements And Good Advancement Opportunities

Entry Level Finance Jobs In Ma : Offshore Jobs – Effortless Requirements And Good Advancement Opportunities

Offshore Jobs – easy Requirements And excellent Advancement Opportunities

Having offshore jobs isn’t tough, as you are able to find no difficult-to-meet Needs. However, one has to be mentally strong to go into this line of work.

The person who is utilised on an oil rig has to, literally live on the sea. The oil rig is like a floating city on the sea. The co-workers are the only companions on the oil rig. Workers are typically utilized on a 14 or 21 days rotation shift. In other words, a person works for either 14 days or 21 days straight, and then takes some days off. This explains the reason why offshore jobs are only for the mentally strong.


Apart from mental resilience, one too has to be physically fit to work in an oil rig. Given that the workers need to work in very harsh conditions, they demand to be physically fit. Applicants applying for work in oil rigs require to undergo physical examination. They may possibly well at the same time be asked to take a drug test. A full body X-ray is als … [Read More - Entry Level Finance Jobs In Ma]

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Entry level jobs for economics majors

2009-08-03 17:55:33 by betacontrol

I am graduating from University of California, Berkeley next semester as an economics major, and I'm wondering what entry level jobs are good for me.
I'd like to work in the financial market, and eventually end up in investment banking/portfolio management.
As a graduating senior, what jobs should I be applying for?

Entry level and on the job training...

2005-04-10 21:19:46 by rrobin

Hi there,
My life circumstances were similar. With barely no job experience I was lucky to find an entry level administrative assistant position in a local engineering company. Like you, I too was very hard working and my employer noticed my performance. I was promoted 4 times during my 5-years of employment there and my salary almost doubled during that period.
Hence, if you are in a tough financial bind, and schooling is not so feasible.. i suggest trying to get into an entry level field, e.g. customer serivce, retail/department store, administrative assistant position, etc

Financial services companies are hiring

2006-09-30 16:00:30 by LDsimba

Now. I'm seeing lots of positions online management and non, entry level etc. accounting jobs are in demand as well as finance admin jobs in all types of companies. Where do you want to work? I'd go and check specific company sites like:
met life
ernst & young
ABC, CBS, NBC Universal ...
Maybe go to the NY Times website?
or any major company and look on their job boards under their finance sections.
If you want to stay in finance.
OR Google "finance jobs" or "finance employment" and employment sites should pop up

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