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The response has been good so far. There are more than 1200 users on our platform and growing at a significant pace every day. More and more users are spending a lot more time on our platform. There have been many success stories where users have gone through the entire training on, appeared for the actual certification exam and cleared it successfully. There is now a huge demand for many more courses on our platform from users globally.

Apnacourse Team:

The team comprises of 12 members. The core team includes:

a.Satish Rajagopalan – CEO and Director: A double Post-Graduate (MBA in Finance & Strategy) with responsibilities covering Strategy Planning and Business Development

Get Globally recognized certificationsb.K R Rajagopalan – Director: A Qualified Chartered/Cost Accountant with responsibilities covering Strategy Execution, New Initiatives and Corporate Governance.

c.Pandurangavittal – COO: A Graduate and ISTQB Certified Tester with responsibilities covering Operations Handling, Business Development and New Offerings.

d.Sushant Malangave – Head Strategy: A Post-Graduate (MBA in Operations and IT) with responsibilities covering Strategy development and Business analysis.

About Education Technology industry in India.

The education industry itself is facing a boom time in India. With majority of the Indian population in the age bracket of 14-30, it’s the right time to seize opportunities in this space. That coupled with technology can add wonders to a business model. Education Technology space in India is very nascent and is touted to grow big given the appetite of youngsters to go online or get tech savvy. Given this background, there are many startups sprouting quickly in this space. The determining factor for a successful startup in this space would be a sustainable model with competitive advantage and profitability.


As a startup, we have faced our share of ups and downs so far. At the start, each task was new and challenging, be it building the workflow model or understanding the nuances of Audio-Video technologies etc. Our biggest challenge however, was to rope in our first faculty. We interacted with many top-notch individuals to tie-up with us and have a course online but all of them were sceptical of an Online Education model. It was a concept they had un-heard of and believed it would not take-off in India. Given our volumes today, we are more than fortunate in current day context to have faculties mail us or reach out to us directly for partnerships. We certainly seem to have come a full circle with regards to building confidence in faculties for an online training model.

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Entry level jobs for economics majors

2009-08-03 17:55:33 by betacontrol

I am graduating from University of California, Berkeley next semester as an economics major, and I'm wondering what entry level jobs are good for me.
I'd like to work in the financial market, and eventually end up in investment banking/portfolio management.
As a graduating senior, what jobs should I be applying for?

Entry level and on the job training...

2005-04-10 21:19:46 by rrobin

Hi there,
My life circumstances were similar. With barely no job experience I was lucky to find an entry level administrative assistant position in a local engineering company. Like you, I too was very hard working and my employer noticed my performance. I was promoted 4 times during my 5-years of employment there and my salary almost doubled during that period.
Hence, if you are in a tough financial bind, and schooling is not so feasible.. i suggest trying to get into an entry level field, e.g. customer serivce, retail/department store, administrative assistant position, etc

Financial services companies are hiring

2006-09-30 16:00:30 by LDsimba

Now. I'm seeing lots of positions online management and non, entry level etc. accounting jobs are in demand as well as finance admin jobs in all types of companies. Where do you want to work? I'd go and check specific company sites like:
met life
ernst & young
ABC, CBS, NBC Universal ...
Maybe go to the NY Times website?
or any major company and look on their job boards under their finance sections.
If you want to stay in finance.
OR Google "finance jobs" or "finance employment" and employment sites should pop up

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