Army Financial Management Regulation

Army rolls out Class VII asset management online courseWashington (March 12, 2013) - The Army has launched the first online course through the Army Learning Management System (ALMS) that trains personnel on the documentation required to prove mission-critical assets are properly accounted for. Maintaining this documentation for all assets is critical if the Army is to be successful in its first audit of its financial statements.

"Property book officers, unit supply sergeants, and other personnel who manage military equipment and general equipment may not realize the impact they have on the Army's financial statements, " said Mr. James Watkins, deputy assistant secretary of the Army for financial operations. "When someone does not do something as simple as signing a document to prove it has been reviewed, it puts the Army at risk for failing an internal control. We must be able to prove to auditors, as well as the American taxpayers, that we properly manage our resources and follow prescribed controls written in our regulations and SOPs."

Army rolls out Class VII asset management online courseTraining is now available now on Army Learning Management System, known as ALMS, called "Military Equipment / General Equipment Audit Readiness, " and covers processes such as:

• signing and dating a receiving report to validate goods or services actually received were compared to the items ordered
• reviewing standard operating procedures for certain business processes annually to ensure they align with generally accepted accounting principles, Department of the Defense (DOD) and Army policies
• having the proper forms on file to show that someone has the authority to sign-off on a business transaction.

The Army began testing controls in all major commands in January to ensure the Class VII processes covered in the training is in place and operating effectively. The testing efforts require commands to provide the documentation for chosen processes, simulating requests that commands will eventually receive in an actual audit.

The online course, which takes approximately one hour, addresses the processes associated with military and general equipment known as Class VII assets, which includes trucks, helicopters, training simulators, and construction equipment.

Army Implementation of the DOD Financial Management Regulation, Volume 14, Administrative Control of Funds and Antideficiency Act Violations
Book (PN)

Entry level jobs for economics majors

2009-08-03 17:55:33 by betacontrol

I am graduating from University of California, Berkeley next semester as an economics major, and I'm wondering what entry level jobs are good for me.
I'd like to work in the financial market, and eventually end up in investment banking/portfolio management.
As a graduating senior, what jobs should I be applying for?

Entry level and on the job training...

2005-04-10 21:19:46 by rrobin

Hi there,
My life circumstances were similar. With barely no job experience I was lucky to find an entry level administrative assistant position in a local engineering company. Like you, I too was very hard working and my employer noticed my performance. I was promoted 4 times during my 5-years of employment there and my salary almost doubled during that period.
Hence, if you are in a tough financial bind, and schooling is not so feasible.. i suggest trying to get into an entry level field, e.g. customer serivce, retail/department store, administrative assistant position, etc

Financial services companies are hiring

2006-09-30 16:00:30 by LDsimba

Now. I'm seeing lots of positions online management and non, entry level etc. accounting jobs are in demand as well as finance admin jobs in all types of companies. Where do you want to work? I'd go and check specific company sites like:
met life
ernst & young
ABC, CBS, NBC Universal ...
Maybe go to the NY Times website?
or any major company and look on their job boards under their finance sections.
If you want to stay in finance.
OR Google "finance jobs" or "finance employment" and employment sites should pop up

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Financial Adminstratino the Army Management Structure (Ams) Fiscal Year 1991 Army Regulation 37-100-91 July 1990
Book (Headquarters Department of the Army) A Soldiers Guide, FM 7-21-13, U.S. Army
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