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F. Pushing the frontiersIn this new CFO point of view report, we focus on the perspectives of the 576 CFOs we interviewed. During our previous 2010 Global CFO Study, we identified four different profiles for the finance organization. We also established that one profile – the Value Integrators, as we called them – outperformed all the rest.

Our most current research shows that Value Integrators still stand out from the crowd.Pushing the frontiers We’ve now unearthed a small subset of Value Integrators that do even better than the other members of their group. We’ve named these finance organizations Performance Accelerators, and in this new report we explore the key traits they possess. We look, in particular, at what they’re doing to become more efficient, more forward-looking and more proficient at creating profitable growth.

View the video: South African Banks Turn to Social Analytics for Better Consumer Insights (00:04:05)South African Banks Turn to Social Analytics for Better Consumer Insights

With IBM's help, Nedbank Limited embraced a predictive analytics modelling solution that integrates social media analytics into the bank’s systems and the decision makers across the bank have deep, near-real-time analysis of social media data through flexible dashboards.

Why Every Finance Professional Needs a Degree in Big Data?

View the video: Journey to a Value IntegratorAccording to a survey by CEB Financial Planning and Analysis Leadership Council, 71% of FP&A teams say that they fail to consistently deliver meaningful insights to the business.

CFOs who embrace analytics accelerate performance

CFOs who excel at both using analytics for business insight and driving finance efficiency continue to outperform their peers across all phases of the economic cycle.

Finance transformation services

Today's CFO's are balancing innovation, growth, risk management and cost reduction to prioritize and optimize their finance transformations and improvement efforts. The role of the CFO requires the ability to operate at the strategic level while simultaneously managing multiple, detailed levels of performance across the whole organization. It demands a 360-degree view—backwards to report, alert to current conditions, and the ability to plan for the future.

View the video: Bill Fuessler discusses Intelligent Cost Reduction View the video: Pioneer WV Federal Credit Union Optimizes Financial Reporting
Army Implementation of the DOD Financial Management Regulation, Volume 14, Administrative Control of Funds and Antideficiency Act Violations
Book (PN)

Accounting/Management Service

2008-04-15 19:15:15 by newbizguy

Am considering purchasing a consulting business that offers accounting services. Not a CPA; rather routine accounting functions. A/P, A/R, Payroll, Financial Statments etc. Along with Financial Advisory Services from a business standpoint. Have 10 years of Accounting and Business Management Experience.
What type of demand do you think exists for this service?
Do you think there is an opportunity to grow into other areas/services?
Would any of you use (or consider) using a service like this, and if so what rates would you be willing to pay for this type of service?

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China Three Gorges Publishing House Pub. Date: 200 Zhejiang financial management of 22 Army Regulation(Chinese Edition)
Book (China Three Gorges Publishing House Pub. Date: 200)
Financial Adminstratino the Army Management Structure (Ams) Fiscal Year 1991 Army Regulation 37-100-91 July 1990
Book (Headquarters Department of the Army) A Soldiers Guide, FM 7-21-13, U.S. Army
Mobile Application (
  • This Field Manual is dedicated to the men and women of the United States Army ... machine. You are the soldiers that fight and win the Nation's wars. Be proud.
  • FM 7-21.13, The Soldier's Guide, is a pocket reference for subjects in which a...-alone document, the guide offers soldiers a ready reference in many subjects.
  • FM 7-21.13 is divided into seven chapters. Chapter 1 describes the importance ...ation on programs the Army offers to assist soldiers and their family members.
  • Front Cover
  • Inside Front Cover

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