Masters in Financial Risk Management


Regular Faculty

The combined knowledge base of UConn’s business professors is staggering, and their research and consulting bring today’s issues into the classroom.

Distinguished faculty from the Finance and Accounting Departments at the UConn School of Business will teach the majority of the courses in the curriculum. Faculty from other schools/departments will also bring added knowledge to courses is their specialty areas.

Several courses will also include special modules, seminars and lectures by prominent practitioners engaged in the Risk Management area.

Chinmoy Ghosh is a Professor and Head of the Finance department at the UConn School of Business. He holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, and a PhD in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University. Ghosh has more than twenty years of teaching experience in the School of Business and has taught Corporate Finance, Investments, Portfolio Management, and Derivatives at the MBA and EMBA levels. He is also active in the school’s Executive Education program.moancea He has won several teaching awards from the MBA and EMBA programs. He has published nearly fifty articles in widely cited academic journals in mainstream finance, real estate, and insurance. As the Director of the Financial Accelerator at UConn Hartford, he has supervised and successfully completed several projects in Risk Management, and Hedge Fund Strategies. He is also the founder Director of the m UConn Student Managed Fund.


Michel Rakotomavo is an Associate Professor in Residence and Associate Director of CT Institutional Programs for Financial Services. He joined the Finance Department at the School of Business of the University of Connecticut in 2012. In addition to his teaching and research duties, Michel oversees the faculty and projects of the Financial Accelerator Program, as well as projects of the MS in Financial Risk Management program. He also executes trades for and supervises the Student Managed Fund.

Prior to joining the University of Connecticut, Michel developed the Finance undergraduate program at the American University of Paris, where he founded and directed the Andrew Batinovich Trading Room. He moved to Cottey College to develop and lead the undergraduate International Relations and Business program. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the City University of New York.

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Noam Chomsky In India

2001-11-26 09:22:24 by and911

September 11th and Its Aftermath: Where is the World Heading?
Noam Chomsky
Public Lecture at the Music Academy, Chennai (Madras), India: November 10, 2001
Presented by Frontline magazine and the Media Development Foundation and supported by 22 representative organizations
(As he takes his position at the lectern in an overflowing auditorium, Noam Chomsky is greeted in traditional South Indian style, with a ponnadai, a brocade shawl, to audience applause.)
Oh, what’s going to make it stay on? [Told he is free to take it off]: It’s going to fall in one minute, so I might as well take it off [audience laughter]. Thank you.
A few years ago, one of the great figures of contemporary biology, Ernst Mayr of Harvard published some reflections on the search for...

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