Advanced Financial Management Course Outline

Travelodge Toronto East, 20 Milner Business Court, Toronto
Greater Toronto Area

The Advanced Financial Management Training Workshop is designed to develop organizational capacities by enhancing financial management knowledge and skills. Executive Directors, Board Treasurers and Financial Managers of immigrant-serving agencies are encouraged to register, to a maximum of three registrants per one organization.

Please note that participation in the Advanced Financial Management Training workshop requires an understanding of financial principles.

The seminars are led by Elisabete Way, President and CEO of Management Stratagems Group.

Content of the training session includes:

  • Developing financial sustainability; effective resource development and management.
  • Improving financial risk management.
  • Long term financial planning; developing a reserve fund.
  • Dealing with an audit.
  • Developing and implementing effective financial controls.
  • How to interpret information in basic forms and reports.
  • Financial Analysis: identifying controls, trends and negative indicators.
  • Budgeting and forecasting.

Essential preparation for the workshop:

To increase the usefulness of the workshop, participants are asked to prepare and bring the following documents to work on during the session:

  • Copies of your financial statements (preferably Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Variance Report)
  • Copy of your financial and audit policies
  • Copy of your Finance and Audit Committees Terms of Reference
  • Copies of any other documents that you presently use in financial management,
  • Calculator

Please note that closer to the training workshop, you will be sent a document outlining suggested topics for reflection and discussion with peers, board members, management and staff in preparation for the workshop.

A light breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served.

There is no charge for the workshop. Costs for travelling for agencies outside of Toronto will be reimbursed according to OCASI guidelines.

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