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Why study for an MRes in Accounting and Financial Management?

The MRes is a one-year full-time Masters degree intended for students who are planning to become academic researchers or consultants, and who would benefit from structured preparation for their PhD studies, or who are required to complete a research training programme as part of their doctoral studies. The programme is suitable both for students who are hoping to continue their doctoral study at Lancaster and those who decide to complete their PhD at another university.

The MRes has two purposes:

1. to provide intending PhD students with a better grounding in a specialist subject area.

2. to provide intending PhD students with the qualitative and quantitative research skills they will need in order to undertake their research.

How does the MRes in Accounting and Financial Management differ to the MSc?

The taught element of the MRes is based on the MSc in Accounting and Financial Management programme during Michaelmas term. However, during Lent term and alongside optional advanced modules, it also incorporates a specialised module on research skills, essential to successful PhD study in accounting and finance. Finally, during Summer term, MRes students are required to produce a dissertation that will typically take the form of a PhD research proposal, that enables a smooth transition from the MRes to doctoral study.

Because of the unique structure of the MRes in Accounting and Financial Management, we are able to offer transfer opportunities for our own MSc students to join the MRes programme after Michaelmas term, provided that they have attained sufficiently excellent results. Such transfers are always subject to the approval of the Director(s) of Study in the Department.

Progressing to Doctoral Research programmes

Students who achieve distinction standard (i.e. 70% or more) both for the MRes overall and the dissertation element will be allowed to register as PhD students the following year.

SRM's diversifying into FE, Int'l Econ, and IM

2007-12-02 05:45:52 by kidsuper

SRM's broadening its academic position in risk to include Financial Engineering, International Economics and Investment Management. All three of these areas will have designated MS and MBA (specialization) degree concentration(s) when their respective programs are established. SRM's recruiter base in insurance and risk is pretty steep, considering that the school retains all the networked goodwill of the former College of Insurance. The new electives of the MRM appear to focus more on strategic decision-making in risk, while the more technical courses are concentrating a bit more on advanced concepts in insurance

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