Advanced Financial Management Textbook

MBA 602

Breyer State University

Instructor: Jacob D. Burdick, M.S.


COURSE OVERVIEW: Welcome to Advanced Financial Management, a masters level course in the curriculum for the Masters in Business Administration – Financial Management Track. I am pleased to instruct you in this course, which is one of the core courses of your studies in this program.

This is a course that examines advanced financial Management topics such as interpreting the financial statements of a company, reviewing past financial performance and forecasting for the future, financing operations and finding profitable investments, assessing risk and valuing a business. As a manager, it is imperative that you understand the financial topics and processes specific to your company. You must also have an understanding of the current issues in the business environment today so you can maximize financial opportunities.

I am confident that you will enjoy and learn from this class. I am here as your instructor and as a guide; feel free to call upon me when needed.

TIMEFRAME: This is a 4 semester hour course. The course is allotted 15 weeks to complete. You must successfully complete all of the requirements by the end of the 15-week period. The first day of week one will begin the day that you register for the class or notify me that your book has arrived. Please keep that time frame in mind, as extensions or only granted in times of approved justification. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded 4 semester hours of credit.

TEXTBOOK: There is one (1) required textbook for this course:

EXAMINATION: There is a comprehensive examination in Week 12 of this course.

ASSIGNMENTS: There are nine (9) case study questions for you to answer. There is also a final paper as the major written assignment for this course.

GRADING: The grading scale for this course is as follows:

90-100% = A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
Below 70% = Fail

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: My name is Jacob Burdick and I am your instructor for this course. I have been teaching online accounting courses for almost two years in addition to working in the accounting field for the previous four years. I also have several years experience in business Management and entrepreneurship.

I earned my Bachelors in Accounting from Pensacola Christian College, a private education institution in Pensacola, FL. After graduating and entering the work force, I decided to obtain a Masters in Accounting through online education. I earned my Masters of Science in Accounting in December 2008 from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. I am currently pursuing a doctorate in business online.

On a personal note, my wife and I have three young children who keep us quite busy. Outside of working, teaching, and studying, we spend our time attending church activities and ferrying the kids back and forth to various events.

SRM's diversifying into FE, Int'l Econ, and IM

2007-12-02 05:45:52 by kidsuper

SRM's broadening its academic position in risk to include Financial Engineering, International Economics and Investment Management. All three of these areas will have designated MS and MBA (specialization) degree concentration(s) when their respective programs are established. SRM's recruiter base in insurance and risk is pretty steep, considering that the school retains all the networked goodwill of the former College of Insurance. The new electives of the MRM appear to focus more on strategic decision-making in risk, while the more technical courses are concentrating a bit more on advanced concepts in insurance

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