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How can the UWS Financial Assistance Scheme help you?

If you are experiencing short-term financial hardship that makes it hard for you to study, you may be eligible for a University Student Loan or a Student Grant. A Student Loan or Grant is interest-free and may assist with the cost of living and education-related expenses. These loans and grants are not intended as a form of income support.

Who is eligible?

To apply for a loan or grant you must be currently enrolled as a University of Western Sydney student.

What assistance is available?

  • Student Loans
  • Student Grants
  • Textbook Grant

These Student Loans/Grants are for education and living expenses only e.g. to assist with large textbook costs, rent/bond fees, unexpected bills.
They cannot be used for the purpose of paying upfront university course fees.

What is the difference between a loan and a grant?

A loan is an amount that needs to be repaid to the University within a set period of time. A grant is an amount that does not need to be repaid to the University. Students who do not have the capacity to repay a loan will be considered for a grant.

The decision to approve a loan or a grant is at the discretion of the Student Welfare Service

What do I need to do to apply?

To apply for a loan or grant, you will need to do the following:

  • Meet with a Welfare Officer to discuss your current circumstances and your financial needs.
  • Complete an application form (including a complete and accurate budget taking into consideration all forms of income and expenses of the household).
  • Provide evidence of the need for financial situation and how the financial assistance will be utilised (e.g. bills, quotes).
  • Provide a bank account statement (for an account belonging to the student which shows spending over a period of time).
  • Proof of income for all members of the household (copy of Centrelink statement and/or payslips).

You must be able to demonstrate to the Student Welfare Service:

  • your current financial need what strategies you have already put in place to attempt to resolve your financial situation
  • what other avenues of support/assistance you have sought before approaching the University
  • what realistic strategies you will put in place in the future to improve your financial situation.

If you can demonstrate you meet the above criteria, your application will be considered by the Student Welfare Officer. Approval will be determined by the Manager, Student Welfare Service.

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