Financial Management: Theory and Practice

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Give future and current managers a thorough understanding of the financial theory that is essential for developing and implementing effective financial strategies in business today. Brigham/Ehrhardt’s leading Financial Management: Theory and Practice (13th Edition) is the only text that strikes a perfect balance between solid financial theory and practical applications. Readers gain a strong working knowledge of today’s changed financial environment as this edition examines recent financial crises, the global economic crisis, and role of finance in the business and students’ personal lives. This book’s relevant presentation, numerous examples and emphasis on using Excel spreadsheets shows readers how to increase the value of a firm. Integrated practice using Thomson ONE-Business School Edition gives readers hands-on experience using the same research tool Wall Street professionals rely upon daily. This book is both the ideal choice for today’s introductory MBA course as well as a valuable reference tool for students throughout their academic and business careers.

New Features

  • Reorganization offers flexible coverage for one-semester or two-semester courses.
    This new edition is reorganized to address key concepts and essential topics within the first 17 chapters, ensuring that students receive the coverage they need whether in a one- or a two-semester course. Later chapters provide more advanced and expanded treatment of topics to build upon earlier material and increase student mastery of concepts.
  • The latest examples reflect today’s global economic crisis.
    Updated, timely real examples throughout almost every chapter demonstrate the impact of today’s financial crisis in all areas of business and life. New “Global Economic Crisis” boxes in many chapters highlight specific finance issues related to the crisis.
  • Chapter opening graphics emphasize the big picture for students.
    New, informative graphics at the beginning of each chapter clearly illustrate how the chapter’s topics and concepts fit into the overall financial framework.
  • Excel tool kits, now integrated with the text, ensure student spreadsheet proficiency.
    The authors have created Excel Tool Kits for each chapter to enhance student proficiency with spreadsheets. Tool Kit models, available as self-taught tutorials through the book’s website, detail many of the features and functions of Excel. In this edition, actual screen captures from the Excel Tool Kit models appear within the text, allowing students to clearly and more closely follow the models in analysis.
  • Aplia finance saves time and supports interactive learning.
    Today’s fastest-growing interactive online homework management system, Aplia engages students in course concepts, ensures that they practice on a regular basis, and helps them prepare for finance with a series of tutorials. Problem sets specific to this edition provide instant grades and detailed feedback. Students have the opportunity to learn from and improve with every question.

But my "Theory of Everything" certainly helped

2010-03-30 10:33:45 by ZenTechie

Me see how this Global Financial Systemic Meltdown as it happened, as the following which I posted in 10/09/08, while it was unfolding.......
Current Financial mess is mostly attributed < ZenTechie > 10/09 09:01:50
to those who practice Free Market. When Free Market believers reached critical mess, Free Market changed laws and dominated the market.
Free Market is like religion, people believed without questioning. No common sense whatsoever. The idea of Free Market is like communism, never taken human nature into consideration, therefore doom to fail

Part 1

2001-12-07 13:39:28 by mBlaine

CHAPTER 1 - Politics
M.R.: Paradoxically, your political writings and your analyses of American imperialist ideology appear to be better known, in France as well as in the United States, than the new discipline which you have created: generative grammar. That poses the question: Do you see a link between your scientific activities— the study of language—and your political activities? For example, in the methods of analysis?
N.C.: If there is a connection, it is on a rather abstract level. I don't have access to any unusual methods of analysis, and what special knowledge I have concerning language has no immediate bearing on social and political issues

Whose Millenium? Theirs or Ours?

2002-01-02 14:25:33 by justyouraveragecitizen

Theirs or Ours?
Their Future or Ours?
THE YEAR 1989, with the East European regimes tumbling in quick succession, could have been greeted as a sign that people do count and that obsolete systems are, ultimately, swept away. Instead it was hailed, illogically, as proof that our system will go on for ever. Naturally, in its extreme form -- Francis Fukuyama's pseudo-Hegelian proposition that history has come to an end -- such propaganda could not last. But the message which mattered, namely that the reign of capital is eternal, is still triumphant

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