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While most of the finance courses on the following list do not offer academic credit, they do offer a wide range of topics. Online students can learn about personal financial management, as well as how to manage the finances of a company, through the use of videos, lessons, lecture notes and assignments.

This resource is intended for new business managers and leaders looking to learn about the fundamentals of financial management. Topics include planning and cash management, financial statements, cost cutting and financial analysis. Lessons include links to various resources, and users gain access to a list of recommended books related to financial management. While the resource does not offer assignments or tests, it does serve as a source of information for those looking to learn more about financial management.

This graduate-level course helps prospective health care administrators learn more about accounting and finance related to the management of medical and health facilities. It covers topics in budgets, capital management, risk analysis and finance math, and includes handouts, lectures and worksheets for online users to download if they wish. This course is the final one in a 3-course series that also covers financial accounting, and managerial accounting.

This is a graduate-level class that examines emerging business ventures and the initial stages of company growth. Online learners are treated to an intensive analysis of the foundation of the private equity industry. The course materials include a list of readings, copies of select lecture notes and the assignment list (though no answers are provided).

Students are introduced to the financial tools involved in making sound business decisions. The course examines corporate finance theory and how it can be applied to actual business decisions. The lecture notes include topics in capital structure, company value and free cash flow valuation. Practice exams and assignments with answers are also available to download.

But my "Theory of Everything" certainly helped

2010-03-30 10:33:45 by ZenTechie

Me see how this Global Financial Systemic Meltdown as it happened, as the following which I posted in 10/09/08, while it was unfolding.......
Current Financial mess is mostly attributed < ZenTechie > 10/09 09:01:50
to those who practice Free Market. When Free Market believers reached critical mess, Free Market changed laws and dominated the market.
Free Market is like religion, people believed without questioning. No common sense whatsoever. The idea of Free Market is like communism, never taken human nature into consideration, therefore doom to fail

Part 1

2001-12-07 13:39:28 by mBlaine

CHAPTER 1 - Politics
M.R.: Paradoxically, your political writings and your analyses of American imperialist ideology appear to be better known, in France as well as in the United States, than the new discipline which you have created: generative grammar. That poses the question: Do you see a link between your scientific activities— the study of language—and your political activities? For example, in the methods of analysis?
N.C.: If there is a connection, it is on a rather abstract level. I don't have access to any unusual methods of analysis, and what special knowledge I have concerning language has no immediate bearing on social and political issues

Whose Millenium? Theirs or Ours?

2002-01-02 14:25:33 by justyouraveragecitizen

Theirs or Ours?
Their Future or Ours?
THE YEAR 1989, with the East European regimes tumbling in quick succession, could have been greeted as a sign that people do count and that obsolete systems are, ultimately, swept away. Instead it was hailed, illogically, as proof that our system will go on for ever. Naturally, in its extreme form -- Francis Fukuyama's pseudo-Hegelian proposition that history has come to an end -- such propaganda could not last. But the message which mattered, namely that the reign of capital is eternal, is still triumphant

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