General+electric Financial Management program

(CDC FEUI) General Electric Financial Management Program

FMP is a premier program that frequently wins accolades in the corporate world. It selects the brightest sparks, fresh from university and grooms them into world-class finance leaders.

The two-year program assigns participants to four 6-month job rotations combined with intensive MBA-style academic training. These rotations, potentially in a different geographical area, focus on the development of key financial skills.

Candidate requirements:
- Hold a degree (or graduating soon) in accounting, business, finance and / or economics & have no more than two (2) years of formal work experience
-Must have an A average / >3.3 GPA / distinction or strong 2ndclass upper
-Analytical, an all-rounder & able to take charge
-Excellent communication skills & a change agent
-Geographically mobile & able to adapt & work effectively in different cultures, from big cities to small towns

What will I get from FMP?

International exposure–offers opportunities to interact with finance teams from all over the world and work at different geographical locations.
Accounting skills– equips you with necessary skill sets to understand the fundamentals of accounting & finance.
Management skills– trains your time management and project management skills.
Leadership– hone your leadership skills through project-based assignments and FMP initiatives.
Business exposure– gives exposure to senior finance leaders, and different businesses within GE.


We will have a half-day seminar and walk in interview in FE UI at:

Interview schedule will be personally informed by phone/email to the candidate based on their Resume submission.

*Seminar and walk in interview is by invitation only

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GE is HUGE tarp fund beneficiary

2009-11-05 10:07:15 by Lapis_Philosophus

GE has been regularly protected from the TARP rules. By taking advantage of its ownership of two tiny banks in Utah, GE was able to issue $80 Billion dollars worth of federally backed loans about one out of every four dollars available in the federal loan guarantee program.
And true to being a friend of the President, General Electric didn't have to go through any of the burdens other participants had to go through like the financial stress test. And now it seems they wont have to worry about any those pesky salary/compensation limits so Jeffrey Immelt and the senior management don't have to worry about the 14-18 Million in annual compensation they get with help from Uncle Sam

And, GE, maker of weapons ...

2012-01-31 16:11:37 by phantom_gecko

Mr. Dennis D. Dammerman served as the Management Director of General Electric Co., holding company of GEFS (Suisse) AG (also known as GE Capital Bank) and as its Chief Financial Officer from 1984 to 1994 and since 1995. Mr. Dammerman has exceptional leadership and financial management skills. Mr. Dammerman served as the Principal Executive Officer and Chairman of General Electric Capital Corp., (formerly, General Electric Credit Corp.). He has 38-year career at GE. He served as an Executive Officer of General Electric Company from 1998 to December 31, 2005 and also served as its Member of the Corporate Executive Office until 2005

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