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banneeerrrWhat does personal financial management mean to the average person in 2014? Jennifer Goldman will be diving into the lucrative business and how it is affecting the financial profession.

About Jennifer Goldman

Jennifer Goldman is a Certified Financial Planner, and founder of My Virtual COO, the leading implementation expert in technology, integrations, processes and outsourcers. Prior to founding MVCOO, Jennifer spent over 20 years in the financial services industry, including working at a major broker dealer, building her own practice from scratch to over $22 Million in AUM, and becoming part of a client service team at a multi-client family office with over $3 billion in AUM. At the family office, Jennifer had direct responsibility for relationships with ultra- high net worth clients with assets in excess of $30 million. In this role she realized that RIA’s could scale and become more efficient by implementing standardized processes and procedures.

With this idea in mind Jennifer explored the idea in subsequent positions and decided to provide these services to advisors by launching My Virtual COO. My Virtual COO is an efficient and affordable management solution that increases the firm’s productivity, improves customer service, and puts more hours back in the day for marketing and business development activities. ОСАГО ВСК

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2008-11-06 14:33:02 by housingforidiots

To lose (at least relatively) if they make decisions resulting in their companies losing. A mentor of mine said an entrepreneur is defined as someone with PERSONAL FINANCIAL RISK in his/her business. If the downside to upper management is only say, a small bonus versus a big bonus, then there is no downside. I'm not saying they should be impoverished by bad decisions, but somehow they have to make decisions as if their own money were at risk. I do it every day.

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Other problems highlighted include executives failing to exercise sufficient care and management of financial risk. As a shareholder, the group board failed on its responsibilities, says the report.

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