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project financial management software budgetManaging project finances is hugely important and effective management can make the different between project success and project failure – often with significant cost implications.

Project based reporting from financial management systems is often, time consuming, difficult and very frustrating. Hours spent manipulating spreadsheets when you could be concentrating on other aspects of your job.

ProjectVision’s project financial management software has been developed to give you tight control over your project finances and takes away all of the hassle out with its flexible project financial reporting.


project financial management software profileSetting budgets is very important and with ProjectVision it is easy to both set them and track performance against them as projects progress.

Different budget types can be set against a project and these can be tracked visually with graphs.

ProjectVision rolls up budgets from individual projects providing you with not only project level budgeting, but program, department and even organisation level

Expenditure Profiling

project financial management software invoicingIf you need very accurate project financial control, ProjectVision allows you to profile planned and actual expenditure against tasks. This means you can spread costs incurred across the duration of projects and tasks – you can do this evenly, front or back loaded or even a totally bespoke profile.

As with budgets, ProjectVision rolls up to expenditure profiles to project, program or portfolio level, graphically showing you combined planned weekly, monthly or annual spend.

Project Invoicing

project financial management software cashflowProjectVision simplifies project invoicing by allowing you to produce and consolidate project invoices based on your organisations requirements.

This enables you to:

  • Calculate time spent on a task, project or programme with the cost per hour of using that resource. Invoices will be generated against the task, project or programme
  • Improve the visibility and management of a cashflow
  • Automatically and easily generate invoices via ProjectVision.

Managing Project Cashflow

ProjectVision’s Project Cashflow Management functionality takes the guess work out of managing project cashflow by giving complete visibility of all outgoings for a project or a program of multiple projects. Get full control of your budget highlight expenditures that can be incurred for the remaining budgetary period.

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Budget/financials for business plan?

2008-04-24 21:06:11 by ---

I'm taking a class where we are supposed to write about a management issue about our company OR, barring that, we are allowed to write a business plan (for a non-profit). I chose to write a business plan (which I have never done before). We do not attend class but are supposed to be, in essence, teaching ourselves. Does anyone have advice about how to figure out the budget and financials of a new business? I've been on and a few other websites but most of them give basic advice about the written part of a business plan but not much advice re the financial part (as they want you to purchase the $200 software, usually)

Money management for couples?

2007-03-12 18:45:52 by quiltncat

Hi frugsters :)
My bf and I live together and share all household expenses. We both have separate expenses we pay, and then we have the shared ones like utilities and car insurance. Most of the shared stuff I write the checks for, but I would like him to have access to the bill situation at any given time as well. How do you couples handle this - keeping both partners aware of the household bills so neither overspends and everything gets paid on time? I am very good at handling this stuff but I want to maintain openness so he is free to see where the money is going.
I was thinking of making up a spreadsheet that outlines all of the expenses, something I can keep online and update as I receive and pay the bills

No merit to that statement.

2008-11-11 09:52:10 by YodaTech

As usual, your argument has no merit.
Any Windows PC with iTunes installed can play a Fairplay-protected AAC file so there's no "lock in and lock down" there. If you hate Fairplay and hate iTunes so much that you don't want to use it, then that's your choice. Again, Apple's not locking you into anything.
If you don't like Fairplay then you're free to shop at any of the MP3 stores that are around and use any music management software you want, so you're not locked into anything Apple either.
If you have an iPod, you can play MP3, AAC, or protected AAC files so there's no lockdown there

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