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Format Interactive Video
Length 7-10 hours; self-paced
Cost Free is a completely free-to-use education library that offers hundreds of different certification courses, from those that improve business and entrepreneurial skills to languages such as Mandarin Chinese and Arabic. Although it offers learning services for free, still produces high quality courses that are largely funded by advertising and sponsorship revenues.

How it Works

The course itself is a series of cartoon-style lectures, with instructions delivered by a talking coin. If you prefer to read through material, the instructional videos have subtitles and you can skip from slide to slide at your leisure.

There are seven modules and it shouldn’t take too long–perhaps an hour or two–to complete each of them. That means you should be able to finish the course in 10 – 12 hours at the most. At the end of each module, there’s an easy-to-use interactive multi-media test to verify your understanding of the content.

The modules are: Introduction to Personal Finance, Mastering Personal Finance, Employment (which covers wages and tax), Running a Home and Raising a Family, Long-Term Savings and Investments, Seeking Help and Advice and the Global Economy. Each one is broken down into several smaller units and short tests.

Although it offers learning services for free, still creates high quality courses that are largely funded by advertising and sponsorship revenues.

We really liked practical units such as those on creating an emergency fund, and how to encourage your children to be financially independent. The test questions such as “What are the main disadvantages of being a tenant?” and “How long do you need to budget for a child’s further education?” reinforce the learning points in a way that means you’ll be able to remember and articulate the benefits of prudent financial management.

Of course you can

2007-04-25 14:48:16 by scala

People do, every day. For purposes of this discussion, I'll skip the rest of the sermon, since you don't wanna hear it.
But I'll say this: if you've lived there for a decade(?), and you "don't have the funds to move", something is amiss with your personal financial picture; and its not the landlord, the city, or even your job thats to blame. I suggest that you'd benefit greatly from a third-party review of your money management practices. There are many non-profit agencies that will assist you in balancing your books, and negotiating with your landlord, so you don't fall further behind, being evicted when "the city does nothing"

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