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This Second Edition provides an excellent and holistic structure for planning and managing your personal finances. Everything you need to know in order to make informed decisions about any and every aspect of your finances is contained in the ten key personal financial planning areas: career,income tax,estate,investment,protection,credit,health care,retirement and emigration planning. Ultimately,we all hope for financial independence after retirement,and how you plan and manage your finances in any one of these key areas can have far-reaching positive or negative financial implications for your future. Key features: Learning outcomes and self-assessment questions; Numerous diagrams,figures and tables; Outlines the personal financial planning process; Describes the assessment and measurement of personal financial performance; Explains the time value of money; Details ten personal financial planning areas.

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Of course you can

2007-04-25 14:48:16 by scala

People do, every day. For purposes of this discussion, I'll skip the rest of the sermon, since you don't wanna hear it.
But I'll say this: if you've lived there for a decade(?), and you "don't have the funds to move", something is amiss with your personal financial picture; and its not the landlord, the city, or even your job thats to blame. I suggest that you'd benefit greatly from a third-party review of your money management practices. There are many non-profit agencies that will assist you in balancing your books, and negotiating with your landlord, so you don't fall further behind, being evicted when "the city does nothing"

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