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When it comes to their financial information, people are, in a way, scared of using internet and sharing it to a third party. A simple solution for such an issue is providing offline personal financial management software.

INVEST PLUS is one such software made for those people who want to save time while keeping accounts of their investments and finances in an easy way, it has features like Importing Broker Bills (Contract Notes) and “Bank Statement in minutes” and it supports more than 200 broker bills of different broker houses which makes it simple to keep record of all investments, keeping accounts of each and every thing taking from saving details of assets to Stock, Mutual Funds, F & O, securities, loans, Policies, PPF, Fixed deposit etc., and also the more than 300 different report which it provides helps automatically generate reports on things ranging from Balance-sheets to investments in different sectors thereby assisting you easily manage finances.

Its facility of data-basing gives an individual anonymity which one wants when dealing with such important matter, it also helps you print all the 300+ report that it provides which makes one feel all the more urge for disciplining one’s finances. There is another feature which helps you develop automatic Graphs & Charts which gives you a clear idea regarding how much you are investing in which sectors as well as the performance of your stocks and other investments.

Invest Plus is a Product of Ideas Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. They started the firm in the year 2000, and Invest Plus was launched in April, 2009. “While pursuing my B.Sc. in chemistry, I completed my MCSD [Microsoft certified solution developer] in the year 2000, and then my interest in technologies went deeper and deeper. Somehow, I become passionate about the technology and from nowhere I just started my own software development firm. That was my first test of entrepreneurship during college and then I never looked back, ” says Mitul Dadhania, Founder, Invest Plus. Invest Plus has a team of 6 people team that includes Tech., Marketing and Support. They also have more than 50 Channel Partners across The India and 5 channel partners abroad to target NRI customers. They have automated their Sales and Support Processes.

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